JEUNE 3D Line Filling Spheres Visibly Smooth Wrinkles (30 capsules)

Turn back the clock with a daily dose of youth in a single capsule

Press rewind on the signs of aging with an exceptional formula that brings the essence of youth back into your skin. Each capsule delivers a carefully measured shot of a Hyaluronic Acid blend that delivers hydration and a youthful glow all day long.

3D Hyaluronic Firming Caps puts the exotic, skin-perfecting ingredients of the South American Amazon into the palm of your hand. Rona Flower and Hyaluronic Acid team up to restore skin elasticity and suppleness.

Enriched with exotic plant extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E, these beauty capsules nourish deep levels of the skin and hydrate to plum its outer layer for a youthful boost and hydrating glow.

Key Benefits
  • Diminishes the signs of aging by providing long-lasting, deep moisture to the skin
  • Strengthens fibroblasts by rehydrating the skin, which is necessary for firmness and elasticity.
  • This intensely hydrating formula plumps and prepares skin for makeup application or can be used as a regular part of your hydrating skincare routine.
  • Smooths and plumps wrinkles for an illuminated, youthful glow from within
Skin Concerns
  • Skin dehydration
  • Dull and stressed skin
  • Loss of skin fullness and elasticity
  • Fine lines
How to Use It
Gently twist the neck of the capsule and squeeze to release the serum inside. Apply evenly to the face and neck, gently pressing the serum into the skin with your fingertip. Use one capsule a day.

Routine Tip: Use one capsule every day for 10 days, then continue to use the capsules every second day. For enhanced skin hydration, use with Xtreme Hyaluronic Cream.

Add a dose of youth to your skincare routine. The best time to start? Today, of course!