JEUNE Caviar Elegance Cream 50g

Replenish and revive skin with marine moisture for ultimate hydration and glow

Exceptionally luxurious, caviar is more than just an opulent treat—it is a potent marine skincare ingredient, naturally rich in skin-replenishing factors for healthy-looking, radiant skin. Revive dull, tired skin and target the cause of dryness with a luxurious omega-rich blend of Caviar extract and marine plant-based ingredients is what makes the Caviar Elegance Cream such a sophisticated moisturizer.

Key Benefits
  • Provides a complex blend of skin-nourishing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that boost skin’s healthy glow and overall radiance.
  • Deeply moisturize skin, adding luminosity and healing dryness and irritation for supple, healthy skin
  • Boosts skin rejuvenation to defy the signs of aging for longer
Skin Concerns
  • Showing signs of aging
  • Stressed & dehydrated skin
How to Use It
Apply over freshly cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Gently pat cream on your face (and neck if desired) until fully absorbed. Do not apply around the eyes.

Routine tip: Pair this cream with our Caviar Elegance Eye Serum and indulge your whole face, including the eyes.

Are you looking for a luxurious product that illuminates and nurtures skin like nothing else? Then go ahead and get yours!