JEUNE Collagen Care Cream 50g

Promote elasticity, balance moisture levels and trigger a firming and toning response

Collagen works just as well for the skin underneath it as it does on top! Nourish and fortify skin with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Squalene, and other ingredients designed to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture from fading away.

Collagen Care Cream beats brutal winters and withstands dry heat with a long-lasting, dual-action technology that treats skin from the inside out.

Key Benefits
  • Nurtures and repairs dehydrated skin, restoring glow and moisture levels for plump, healthy-looking skin thanks to a blend of Collagen and Squalane.
  • Ensures long-lasting hydration by balancing skin’s moisture retention - in all climates and situations
Skin Concerns
  • The appearance of signs of aging
  • Losing firmness, tone and the bounce-back feeling of skin
  • Loss of skin hydration
How to Use It
Apply over freshly cleansed skin. Gently pat cream on your face (and neck if desired) until fully absorbed.
For initial build-up and advanced skincare, use twice daily for the first month and reduce to once daily afterward to maintain effects.

Routine Tip: As part of your anti-aging skincare routine, this amazing cream can be used to seal in your favorite serums, namely our Collagen Facial Serum for maximum effectiveness. Don’t forget our Revitalizing Night Cream for your nightly routine.

Ready to fight off early signs of aging and skin damage? Give your skin the kind of moisture it’s never had before.