Jeune Dark Spot Gel 30ml

It takes years for age spots to appear but only a few applications of Dark Spot Gel for them to reduce their appearance

 Are patchy dark spots keeping you from feeling your best? Dark Spot Gel is formulated to target unwanted blotches of color and restore your natural radiance.

Dark spots and uneven skin tone with a formula designed to banish skin discoloration. A potent blend of Oleuropein, Zinc, and Vitamin C all come together to give you a daily dose of luminosity for glowing, even skin.

 Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduce the appearance of dark spots for fresher, younger-looking skin
  • Adds luminosity and youth back to the skin for a signature radiant glow
  • Prevents the formation of further dark spots by for flawless skin

Skin Concerns

  • The appearance of facial dark/age spots

How to Use It

Apply directly to age spots and affected areas twice daily. Pat gently until fully absorbed.

Avoid the eyes and lips area.

Routine tip: Dark/age spots on your hand too? Use this amazing product on your face and the Dark Spot Hand Cream for your hands.

Fight dark spots with a nutrient-dense gel-filled with antioxidants and nature's powerful healing ingredients.