JEUNE Dark Spot Hand Cream 50g

Brighten and refresh tired hands with a targeted dark spot treatment

Never let your hands betray your age again by revealing age spots! With an innovative hand cream that brightens dark/age spots while intensively moisturizes your hand. An original blend of lipid-based moisturizers and plant-based antioxidants work in harmony to restore youthful liveliness to tired, aged hands.
Dark Spot Hand Cream is rich in phytonutrients and isoflavone that significantly affecting the root cause of dark spot formation for a brightened appearance. At the same time, it’s your daily moisturizer that gently exfoliates and restores dry, tough hands for a smooth feel.

Key Benefits
  • Brightens sun and age spots thanks to a blend of potent phytonutrients
  • Provides an intense source of moisture, locking it in to ensure that hands are soft and supple all day long
  • Boosts collagen for soft, youthful-looking hands
Skin Concerns
  • Dehydrated hands showing dark/age spots
  • Dry and cracked hand’s skin
  • UV damaged hand
How to Use It
Apply generously and gently massage onto clean hands until fully absorbed. For best results in reducing the appearance of dark spots, use twice daily and reapply as needed.

Routine tip: Seeing dark facial spots as well? Use our amazing Facial Dark Spot Gel on your face and Dark Spot Hand Cream for your hands.

Treat your hands to a glove of luxurious cream care to brighten and moisturize for supple, touchable hands