Elizabeth Grant Caviar Cellular Recharge Super Eye Serum 30ml

What It Is: Energy is the most important element for life. With aging, skin repair slows down and the mechanisms for skin development gradually deteriorate. To maintain skin cell function, it is necessary to help re-stimulate skin. Caviar Cellular Recharge is designed to jumpstart and recharge the batteries of the skin to help combat the weakening of skin due to aging.

Who It Is For: This product is suitable for all skin types.

What It Does: At the heart of this formula is precious caviar extract, Torricelumn™, and a Bioenergizer Mineral Complex. Combined, these three actives help strengthen and rejuvenate the important barrier functions of the skin and improve the moisture content of the skin. The Bioenergizer Mineral Complex, containing zinc, copper, and magnesium, synergistically act at the key moments of energy development. Nutrients essential to skin health, vitality and overall appearance of skin are delivered to help reduce the visible signs of aging.