Jeune InstAllure Facial Serum 20ml

Instant facial tightening that lasts for hours

 Refined and purified clay is infused with a Peptide and botanical Stem Cell Complex formulated to instantly smooth wrinkles and fortify skin. InstAllure Facial Serum is a fast-acting, age-defying formula that instantly eliminates the appearance of puffiness, drooping, and fine lines to restore plump, smooth, supple skin. Instant Allure in a bottle! All it takes is 60 seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly reduce lines and wrinkle depth

  • Tighten and firm skin

Skin Concerns

  • Fine facial lines

  • Expression lines

  • Puffiness under the eyes

How to Use It

Using your ring finger gently pat to apply a thin layer of serum on facial wrinkles and fine lines. Do not rub. Keep face expressionless until dry. If any white residue is visible, evenly smooth over that area with a damp finger.

 Routine Tip: For a puffy eye, layer this product on top of our Satisf-EYE Cream for ultimate results.

Get a facelift in a bottle-- press fast rewind on fine lines and wrinkles.

Exp: Jan 2023