JEUNE Xtreme Hyaluronic Cream 50g

High-performance moisture that quenches dry skin all day long.

The last thing a woman wants to see in the mirror is dehydrated, dull skin, lines, and wrinkles. To protect you from this kind of visual stress we came up with a jar of perfection: the Xtreme Hyaluronic Cream. Let us tell you more.
This beauty elixir combines the hyaluronic acid, a true moisture magnet, with emollient Squalane and an advanced sugar technology, with the purpose of renewing and smoothing your skin. Hydration levels will boost considerably, and your skin will feel more elastic and smoother, being protected from damaging environmental factors at the same time.

Key Benefits
  • Provides intensive, long-lasting hydration thanks to a concentrated blend moisturizing antioxidants
  • Plumps and firms skin from within, using high-performance hydrators that soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shields skin from barrier damage, constantly fortifying and replenishing the skin with rich conditioners and hydrators
  • Creates the perfect smooth base for flawless, long-lasting makeup
Skin Concerns
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Seasonal skin dryness
  • Mature skin
  • Post skin procedure moisturization
How to Use It
Gently massage the cream into clean skin in the morning and evening. Primes skin for smooth makeup application.

Routine Tip: Xtreme Hyaluronic Cream should be a part of your everyday skin care regiment. Once the skin becomes used to a consistent stream of moisture it responds better. For ultimate hydration, layer with our Hyaluronic Moisture Lock Serum and enjoy your soft moist skin throughout the day. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Restore a hydrated bounce to your skin with a comprehensive, daily moisturizer that penetrates even the driest skin