SWISS Clinic 24K Gold Facial Skincare Infuser

Deep infuse your skincare products for better efficacy

Skin cells are an array of individual cells subject to a variety of local and mechanical cues arising from the environment. Mechanical cues can result in a variety of responses on the cellular level. This amazing infuser delivers up to 100 Hz micro-vibrations (100 cycles per second) to stimulate skin from the surface to the deeper layers. Based on published studies, this serves two purposes:

1. Allows for skincare products applied topically to absorb faster into skin due to increased blood circulation.

2. Massages skin and facial muscles, as well as improving blood circulation below skin. The latter also helps with better and more effective skincare product absorption.

Clinical studies have shown that micro-vibration at specific frequencies increased synthesis of certain skin structural proteins such as collagen, a critical protein that serves as the building block of skin.